New Entry Way To Be Added At Superior Middle School

Safety Comes First With New Entry Way

Superior, Wis

For the School District of Superior, safety and the student’s education come first.

The Superior School Board met tonight to approve the go ahead notion to restructure their middle school entry way for security purposes.

The cost of the project will be nearly 200 thousand dollars. The money will be coming from the already approved school improvement referendum.

Currently the Superior Middle School has an issue with the entry way of the school. Visitors that arrive have to be let in by office personnel at doors not connected to the office. The goal is to restructure the entry way to allow visitors to arrive in the office as soon as they walk in the building.

“Instead of going directly into the building you’ll be guided right through the office. That takes a little bit of construction and adjustment and you’ll have to check in with the staff there to see what’s the purpose for you to be in the building before you get buzzed out to have access to the school,” Says District Administrator Janna Stevens.

The 92.5 million dollar referendum approved last April has a main purpose of updating outdated school buildings in hopes to grow as a school district and a community.

“I believe that a school district is a big heart of the community. I’ve seen other school districts where if the school districts themselves go under the community itself goes under because that a core piece of what brings a community together.”

Currently the Superior School District has broken ground on two major projects.

Cooper Elementary will open their doors in 2018 as a brand new facility and Superior High School will continue to see drastic changes to its infrastructure.

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