DNR, St. Louis County Warn of Water Skipping Activities

MINNESOTA – The St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources are issuing a public notice to those planning to participate in any “water skipping” activities.

This practice will no longer be allowed and those participating will be cited under Minnesota Statute 84,87 Sub 2, which states: It shall be unlawful for any person to drive or operate any snowmobile in the following unsafe and harassing ways:

  1. At a rate of speed greater than responsible or proper under all the surrounding circumstances
  2. In a careless, reckless or negligent manner, so as to endanger the person or property of another or to cause injury or damage thereto;
  3. Without a lighted head and taillight when required for safety; or
  4. In any tree nursery or planting in a manner which damages or destroys growing stock.

Water skipping in an unorganized fashion, according to St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office and DNR, will be considered careless driving. Law Enforcement is giving this notice as of 12:01 a.m. on March 20, 2017. Any water skipping events held at this and any other locations will no longer be allowed and violators will be cited.

Groups wanting to organize an event can do so under Minnesota Statute 84.87 Sub 1A and follow the proper procedure of applying and receiving a permit for the organized function.

Applications must be made with the MnDNR and St. Louis County and information on how to do so can be found on their websites.

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