Essentia Health Hosts Health Center Survivors Conference

DULUTH, Minn.- Cancer survivors and their families networked and learned about resources at the Essentia Health Center Survivors Conference.

The 2017 Cancer Survivor Conference was created for Cancer survivors and their families to share their experiences and learn from each other.

Health professionals and survivors discussed advances in cancer research, strategies to cope in-between and leading up to office visits, and cancer’s effects on a family when a loved one is diagnosed.

Keynote speaker Ruth Bachman who is a cancer survivor herself, believes events like this one are essential for Cancer survivors and their loved ones.

“Having the support of other survivors, having all of the resources that are here, give you those tools, give you those resources that are necessary for being able to move forward, with life,” said Bachman.

A panel discussion of cancer survivors and caregivers was also held at the event.

The Conference was funded though the Essentia Health foundation through contributions from the Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival.