Meet Esko’s Senior Core Of Four

Eskomos' Long Running Success Starts With Seniors

The defining aspect of any high school team is its senior leadership, and out at Esko High School that responsibility falls with four young athletes.

“Ben Fisher, forward.”

“Stone DeLeon, guard.”

“Bryce Bottila, shooting guard.”

“Isaak Blue, forward.”

These four Eskomos have been playing together for years.

Bottila says, “Yeah, I’ve been playing with them since kindergarten, we’ve been to countless tournaments.”

Blue adds, “I’ve been here since 5th grade, and it’s just been special coming up with this group of guys.”

DeLeon comments, “A long time, basically since I’ve started playing as a little tyke.”

Fisher says, “It’s just great to build chemistry your whole life, it’s just fun to go through it with them.”

Now in their final year in uniform, they’ve got one goal left on their list; repeat last year’s section title and get back to the State Tournament.

Bottila says, “It would be sweet, to be a senior and to go to state and keep up that streak of four years in a row, that’s the goal.”

DeLeon adds, “That’s always the goal. To start your season the goal should be to get down to state and you should have benchmark games that you circle that are like, these are the games we got to win to get there.”

Last season the team made it to Williams Arena falling to Annendale 52 to 40 in the first round.

Bottila says, “It was pretty sweet to play at the barn, so I’d love to get there again but, obviously we didn’t play very well and a shot a redemption is the goal.”

DeLeaon says, “We didn’t really play that well, none of our shots were falling, and this year we brought up a lot more shooters that are sophomores now, and we have more experience.”

Blue adds, “There would be a lot of redemption. If we got down there to beat a team like that, would be really special, it would mean a lot.”

And this year’s squad still hasn’t forgotten the good times off the court that comes with a trip to Twin Cities around mid march.

DeLeon explains, “If you get the chance to do it you just remember it for the rest of your life.”

Fisher says, “It’s like the cherry, it’s like the pinnacle. You want to get there, represent the school, the community, just want to be there with your friends.”

Head Coach Mike Devney adds, “Tremendous senior class, great kids, they’ve all accepted their roles.”

Unfortunately for the Eskomos they had their season cut short Saturday falling 52 to 46 to Crosby-Ironton, but with so much already achieved and life-long friendships built straight out of the hardwood this run in blue is nothing short of a slam dunk.

Blue concludes, “It’s really unique to walk around and have someone ask you if you play Esko basketball because they know we work hard and that we get the job done.”

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