Larson Addresses The City

State Of The City Address

Duluth, Minn

Tonight, Mayor Emily Larson addressed the city with a speech that lacked length but packed a punch.

Tonight in her state of the city address Mayor Emily Larson wanted to focus on three main points that would put the city on the right path for years to come.

Larson says that throughout her first year she was laying down the foundation for what she wanted to accomplish under the remainder of her administration.

She addressed the opioid epidemic; St. Louis County is 1st in the state when it comes to deaths per capita.

“Our commitment as a city is to work with St Louis County, the center for alcohol and drug treatment, the 6th judicial court, local hospitals and other partners to create an opioid withdrawal unit.

A safe place for those who OD and want help to go to medically withdraw and to be connected seamlessly to other support and resources.”

She then turned to the city’s lack of affordable housing.

Her plan is to create rental assistance funds for households that make less than 50 thousand dollars a year.

“We will continue to encourage and find who to partner with those who want to build market rate housing here in Duluth, but for the rest of my term we’re going to put more focus and more resources to address the housing gap for Duluth household who earn less than 50,000 dollars a year. That’s literally one half of Duluth.”

Lastly she focused on renewable energy.

Moving away from coal burning power plants and moving towards solar and wind farms.

“The city must boldly lead the transition to clean energy. Science tells us that to avoid the worst impact of climate change we need to reduce polluting greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050. Tonight I am putting the city on the side of science and challenging us to meet this goal of 80% reduction by 2050.”

Larson stated that the nation is living in a loud time.

Says that she can’t fix problems on the national level, but wants to focus on what is most important to our area.

Make what’s within our reach, our city, her priority.

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