Superior To Invest In Local Attractions

Wisconsin Point And Nemadji To Be Renovated

Superior, Wis

Tonight the City of Superior is looking to make a splash in the tourism industry by revamping two of its most treasured pieces of land.

Wisconsin Point will finally see the benefits of thousands of dollars giving visitors and citizens a destination to look forward too for years to come.

Broken down by mankind and the elements of weather, Wisconsin Point is long overdue for some much needed renovations.

Sand Dunes that have been trampled and blown away by Mother Nature will be restored back to their natural beauty.

A boardwalk will allow for safe and easier travel along the lake.

Parking that has caused safety concerns over the years will be consolidated to fit the needs of those who visit.

“The whole experience out there is going to be improved. It’s going to be more efficient and I think people are going to use it a lot more than what they did in the past,” Says Councilmen Brent Fennessey.

Another local favorite that will see the benefit of some much needed work is the Nemadji Golf Course.

The 36 hole course, also neglected for years will see renovations that will give every golfer the experience they deserve.

“Last year was a pleasant year for us. We have some contingency funds that are built up and were looking at transferring those to help offset some of the needed repairs at the golf course,” Says Fennessey.

Whether you’re catching some sun buy the water at the point or retrieving your ball from the course pond, both projects are a good thing for the City of Superior.

Projects are set begin sometime this year.

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