World Water Day

Tours At The Water Treatment Plant

Superior, Wis

Today was world water day.

150 miles of sewer, drains 4 million gallons of water directly to the superior water treatment plant daily.

The public was allowed on site for tours to find out exactly what happens after you flush water down your toilet.

Every gallon that moves through the plant goes throw a vigorous process to make sure the water is safe for all that want to enjoy it.

“Between WLSSD on the Minnesota side and the Waste Water Treatment plant here in Superior we do a lot to keep it clean. When the water leaves our plant it’s safe to swim in, it’s safe for the fish and we can go about our daily activities with Lake Superior,

” Says Water Resource Specialist Andrea Crouse.

They gave us two tips that would help save some money for yourself.

  1. Turn the water off while brushing your teeth. The less water you use decreases the amount that needs to be cleaned.
  1. Only three things should be flushed down the toilet, Toilet paper,Urine, and Stool.
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