Solo Senior Helps Grizzlies Shatter Ceiling

North Woods Captain Set On State

George Bibeau didn’t really get into basketball until he was already a sophomore in high school.

North Woods Senior Captain George Bibeau remembers, “It was just kind of a game I used to play once in a while with my friends.”

Since his first competitive season, he’s been dedicated to the hardwood.

Bibeau says, “Then you come out the following year and you’re like I want to match that if not do better. I want to be above what I was last year.”

His tireless devotion has helped lead the North Woods Grizzlies to two of their best finishes in program history, including a Section 7 A Championship this year over Mountain Iron-Buhl.

Bibeau explains, “These are just a group of guys I’ll never forget. The things we’ve done this season, we’ve done some incredible things, we’ve had some crazy comebacks.”

Junior Guard Brendan Parson adds, “Honestly on Friday without him, it could’ve been an entirely different game.”

Now in his final year, George is the lone senior on the Grizzlies’ roster.

Bibeau says, “Being a senior, people tend to look up to you as a senior.”

But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t earned his title of Captain.

Head Coach Will Kelppe says, “The younger guys really look up to him. We always look for those leaders who aren’t hard on their teammates and set an example on how to be on the floor, and George has done a great job of that for us.”

Bibeau explains, “I will set people straight, and let things go if I need too but get things done, and say things that need to be said.”

Junior Forward Tate Olson says, “He can be goofy every once in a while but he’s very serious once we get into practice and games.”

It was more than just an undiscovered love of basketball that inspired George’s outstanding commitment.

Bibeau says, “We play as a family, we are a family, everything we do, we do as a team.”

It was acceptance by a team, that became a family, that allowed George to flourish.

Bibeau says, “Everyone’s mindset is what’s good for the team, not what’s good for themselves, and I think when everyone thinks like that, you have a good group of guys.”

Now he’s become a lesson to everyone around him about what it really means to be one of the North Woods Grizzlies.

Bibeau concludes, “Being a grizzly is something that I cherish. Coming from a different school and moving up here and starting different athletics up here, and just being welcomed by the community, by the coaches and they players, it just makes the experience here better.”

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