It’s A Yes For Uber & Lyft

City Council Votes 7-1 In Favor Of Share Transportation Ordinance

Duluth, Minn

With a vote of 7–1, the Duluth City Council approves the ride sharing ordinance to allow transportation such as Uber and Lyft to operate within the city.

In about 30 days everyone that lives in Duluth or visits will have the choice of what transportation they prefer.

Nearly all city council members spoke in favor of the ordinance.

With a few expressing concerns like how Uber is known to resist other cities government policies.

One councilmember even wondered if Ubers business practices met the vision of the City of Duluth.

But even with those concerns, the vote came through to approve the ordinance.

According to Councilman Hobbs, ride sharing would add an amenity that many come to expect in today’s society.

“I think it provides another option for transportation. It’s a service that’s expected by both tourist and residents these days. I think that level playing fields for these two entities are important. It provides another option,” Says Noah Hobbs, Duluth City Council.

With growth there will be some resistance. Local cab drivers expressed their concerns. With a lack of cab fairs currently affecting business, they feel that companies like Uber and Lyft will push them out leaving those that need a ride with inexperienced drivers.

“If all the cab companies go out of business you’re going to be left with between 20–50 Uber drivers. Who are all inexperienced who are all college students 19 years old never drove a cab in their life. So you go from 130 to 30 Uber cabs without experience.” Says Marlon Bailey, Owner of Airport & Duluth Taxi.

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