Essential Spring Grooming with Riley Rue Pet Spa

Experts Advise Pet Parents to Bring Dogs and Cats in Every Four to Six Weeks for Optimal Health

DULUTH, Minn. – When we think of spring cleaning, carpets, car mats, and closets probably come to mind, but for many it’s a time to shed the winter coat, and feel good about yourself.

“Pork Chop comes in every six or eight weeks,” Erin Boo, Owner of Riley Rue Pet Grooming said.

Boo takes pride in her little shop located on Piedmont Avenue in Duluth.

Winter weather will most likely linger for the next few weeks, but it isn’t stopping dozens of pet parents from taking their fur babies in for a cleaning.

“I started with her as a client,” said Lisa Lepak, Front Office Manager at Riley Rue.

Starting as a handy helper five years ago, Lepak now spends much of her time helping take care of Northland pets.

“Erin said, would you mind coming to my house maybe once a week and making some phone calls, and now I’m happy to be working here,” said Lepak.

Right now phones are ringing off the hook for haircuts, care, and pampering. Riley Rue opened their Piedmont location back in December 2015.

“In the spring we’re very busy, especially this time because it’s so muddy. This time of year we’re booked out a couple of weeks ahead,” said Lepak.

Staff say customers are coming in to have their cats and dogs trimmed up, nails clipped, and stubborn mats mellowed out.

“They also get their ears cleaned when they’re here,” said Lepak. “Some dogs don’t get groomed in the winter because they spend a lot of time outside.”

With every clip, snip, and shake of a paw, these customers receive a full spa experience.

“Everybody gets a mani and pedi when they’re here,” said Lepak. “We can put feathers in, paint nails; we can do all sorts of fun things!”

It’s a fur-tabulous time with essential fragrance added into the mix. The staff at Riley Rue use essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus while pets are being taken care of.

“We use a lot of lavender here, which is very calming. It’s all in an effort to just keep the dogs a lot calmer and happier when they come here,” said Lepak.

Essential oils, adding to the essential service of grooming in the spring.

Riley Rue staff also pride themselves on hand -drying all clients, rather than harsh blow drying.

Boo says it’s best to bring your furry friends in every four to six weeks to keep them happy and healthy all year long.

For a full list of hours, and to learn more about Riley Rue Pet Grooming, click here.

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