Shopping Made Easier with Groceries-to-Go

Groceries-to-Go Started in January 2017, Offering Seniors in Duluth, Hermantown and Proctor Help with Grocery Shopping

DULUTH, Minn. – When it comes to getting older, independence can often start to slip away, however, one local organization wants to change the outlook.

Age Well Arrowhead is working to connect senior citizens in the Northland with volunteers, so living at home can continue for as long as possible.

A trip to the grocery store can oftentimes be a pain in the neck.

“You might not like to shop for yourself, but it’s fun to shop for other people,” said Kim Hileman, Programs Director at Age Well Arrowhead.

When the pain becomes physical, it’s no longer mind over matter.

“We wanted to start a new service, and do it right,” said Hileman.

Hileman wanted to work on a healthier option so seniors in our community can live comfortably in their humble abode.

“We identified a need in the area. There was nothing like it in Duluth,” said Hileman.

It’s why Age Well Arrowhead recently rolled out a new service for seniors known at Groceries-to-Go. For ten dollars a trip, convenience is brought to your door.
Clients are billed by Super One Foods at the end of each month.

“We shop for groceries for people 60 and older who are unable to shop or transport their own groceries,” said Hileman.

Groceries-to-Go is pretty simple. Volunteers head to the West Duluth and Lakeside Super One Foods, grab a cart, pick up requested items on the list, hit the checkout lanes and head back home to their clients in need.

Communities in areas such as Grand Rapids, along the North Shore, and Virginia already have plans like this in place.

“We’re ready for new clients and customers; we’re ready for new volunteers,” said Hileman.

In three months, the service has skyrocketed in popularity in the Twin Ports.

“We are now poised for optimum growth. They tell us exactly what they want, what they need, we write it down,” said Hileman.

“I have no means of getting to the grocery store,” said MaryAnn Schaub, a client using Groceries-to-Go.

After battling cancer and falling numerous times, MaryAnn is unable to easily walk long distances.

“The only grocery store we have out here is a gas station,” said Schaub.

Living in a food desert like Duluth’s Morgan Park, the opportunity is widely appreciated.

“It’s been helping a lot It’s just been a blessing,” said Schaub.

Happiness is now delivered through the door, every week.

“Getting fresh, nutritious foods into their homes on a regular basis is key,” said Hileman.

A key, unlocking the doors to freedom and self-sufficiency in Duluth, Hermantown, and Proctor.

“They absolutely love it, they’re happy to have the service,” said Hileman.

“What little bit it costs to have them go and get it, is great,” said Schaub.

Groceries-to-Go also serves as a wellness check for clients. Volunteers are invited into client’s homes to socialize, put away items if needed, and make sure they are doing well.

If you would like to volunteer or take part in signing up for the program, click here. Organizers ask those who are interested in learning more to call (218) 623-7800.

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