The Bears Are Waking Up

Bear Seen In Lakeside

Duluth, Minn

Temperatures continue to climb and the bears are taking notice.

He was spotted by a neighbor last night hanging out in the front yard.

When approached the bear ducked back underneath the porch until DNR was able to flush him out early this afternoon.

What did he do?

He went to the nearest tree climbed 40 feet and fell back asleep.

The homeowner knew there was something under his porch, but never assumed it was a bear.

“Pretty surprising we didn’t expect it to be a bear. We thought it was something smaller. Once we found out it was a bear it was kind of a surprise. We figured something was down there but didn’t know that it was that,” Says home owner Eli Miller.

Minnesota DNR say’s they plan to leave the bear alone. They hope the bear just wonders back down the tree and back into the woods.

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