Skatetime Offers New Opportunity to Students

Students at Duluth Edison Charter Schools are Learning Roller Skating Basics and Life Lessons

DULUTH, Minn. – One physical education class in the Northland is starting to look like a roller rink thanks to a partnership with the nationwide program known as Skatetime School Programs.

Physical Education Teacher Sonja Riddle is in her first year of teaching at Duluth Edison Charter Schools.

As her previous job, teaching in Brainerd, the roller skating unit had been in place for 20 years.

Riddle says it teaches her students basic skills, body coordination and balance.

“When you fall you get back up again, and sometimes bumps and bruises are part of learning,” said Riddle.

Although it looks like fun and games, the students are learning life lessons as well.

“They are learning how to help each other. We’ve got our older kids helping younger kids get their skates, encouraging each other; it’s just core values all the way,” said Riddle.

Skates are rented by the students for up to five days at a time. Cost to rent is anywhere from eight to nine dollars.

If money is an issue for families, Skatetime offers a scholarship program to cover the cost.

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