FOA Humane Society Monkeys Around for April Fools Day

Staff at Friends of Animals Have Spent the Past Few Days Going Bananas Over their Newest Addition

CLOQUET, Minn. – As many of us know, animal shelters are a place for us to find our furry friends. One shelter in the Northland is now working to acclimate its newest addition to the cold Midwest climate.

In Northern Minnesota, moose, deer, dogs and cats can easily be found.

“This is really something very unique to Friends of Animals Humane Society in Cloquet,” said Kim Parmeter, Executive Director of FOA.

At the shelter and around the Northland, curiosity has been accumulating over the past few days.

“It’s just an exotic animal that I’ve never really heard of before at all,” said Leah Rodgers, Marketing Associate for The Boldt Company. “It’s Cloquet
Minnesota, you don’t hear about this type of animal here, ever!”

You could say folks are going bananas to meet the shelter’s newest baby animal.

“The staff named him Broma,” said Parmeter.

A unique name, translating the truth of this fluffy personality.

“For us to get a primate is extremely unusual,” said Parmeter.

Baby Broma, a Barmanou, was recently transported from Florida by a team of funny folks.

“It’s fun that it’s going to Cloquet and I’m excited to see who adopts it,” said Rodgers. “It’s coming from Florida I think!”

“My apartment doesn’t even accept cats, so, I don’t think I will be able to adopt the little primate,” said Rodgers.

Little did Leah know, this was all an April Fools joke being played on here, and the entire community by Friends of Animals Humane Society.

“April Fools! We were just monkeying around here at Friends of Animals,” said Parmeter.

In case you’re wondering how much the fake Barmanou would cost, staff say they even went as far as setting up a donation page to cover “transportation costs.”

If you would like to track the progress of the new FOA building going up in Cloquet, click here!

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