Pehrson Finds Perfect Fit on UWS’ Mound

This week's Northern Star is former Thunderhawk Megan Pehrson, a freshman at UWS.

From Superior, up to Grand Rapids. Megan Pehrson knows playing softball in the Northland can be a challenge but UWS was a perfect fit for the former Thunderhawk.

“I’m really close with my family. I have loved Duluth my entire life it was easy to come here,” said UWS Freshman Pehrson.

Going to college was easy but playing college softball? Not as easy.

“It’s a lot different than high school it’s a lot more competitive, way better hitters,” said Pehrson.

If you ask anyone at UWS the rookie pitcher is doing just fine.

“Megan kind of surprised everyone with her appearance this year. She can hit both the corners of the plate and she’s got a little bit of movement,” said UWS assistant coach Sasha Fjeran.

One thing making Pehrson’s transition to the college mound easier, is sitting right behind the plate.

“I like to say I’m kind of a counselor behind the plate,” said UWS catcher Gabby Gibley.

Megan has already found success in her college career at UWS but this rookie Yellowjacket doesn’t plan on letting up anytime soon.

“You have to work really hard, I mean it’s not easy you have to come here and give it 100 percent,” said Pehrson.

Pehrson and UWS are set to face Northland Wednesday in Superior.

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