Early Childhood Summit Connects Educators

More Than 200 School Officials Learned Importance of Pre-K Through Third Grade Education

DULUTH, Minn. – Educators from across Northeastern Minnesota attended the eleventh annual Early Childhood Summit today in Duluth.

More than two hundred school officials focused on the importance of Pre-K through third grade education and how important it is to connect Pre-K educators with elementary teachers in order to help students make a better transition.

“They’re hearing the same information, they’re learning together. They can then take those strategies and ideas back to their schools and really determine what will work for us,” says Lynn Haglin, Vice President of the Northland Foundation, a sponsor of the summit.

“It’s really helping people get to know each other in a better way and work together and think about, okay how can we build on the good things we already have.”

Experts from Minnesota and outside the state made presentations about how to best connect teachers from all levels of education.

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