Community Gardens Being Created in Virginia

Sixty Plots Are Available in Five New Gardens

VIRGINIA, Minn. – Now that spring has arrived, people in Virginia are ready to get outside and do some gardening.

This summer, Virginians will have the chance to maintain their own plot in one of the city’s five new community gardens.

The Growing Together Project started to give people better access to healthy foods, now the program has also grown into away for Virginia to develop unused land and for residents without space to garden.

“There’s just something about gardening that you get a feeling of accomplishment and pride when you get produce from your garden,” says Dawn Trexel, coordinator of Growing Together.

Growing Together organizers hope their new gardening classes will teach people about healthy eating and bring the community closer together.

“You’re not only looking at your own garden, you’re looking at your neighbors gardens and saying, ‘what’s that?’ Just like I did just now. I didn’t know that was called Deer Tongue Lettuce, I want to grow some of that,” says Marlise Riffel of the Iron Range Partnership for Sustainability.

The gardens are expected to be planted in early May. Sixty plots are available for anyone who wants to give gardening a try.

To find out more, head to the Growing Together Facebook page.

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