Bulldog Fan Makes Tough Decision To Go See Game

Surgery Wouldn't Stop One Young Fan From Seeing The Bulldogs Play For The National Title

Plenty of fans made the trip to Chicago for this can’t miss game. One fan had to rely on his gut feeling.

You could say the Anderson’s love the Bulldogs.

“He tells young ladies. Even before we started courting, before he asked me to be his steady girlfriend. He said I need to let you know if you don’t like hockey then we probably shouldn’t start dating,” Says Sam’s Mom.

But that would be an understatement.

“She’s my mistress. Bulldog hockey’s my first love,” Says Mom.

With parents like that Sam was born to be a Dog fan.

“When Sam was born in 2003, we went to his first game probably two months into his life and he would stand with me I’d hold him during the games,” Says Sam’s Dad.

So missing the Frozen four? Not an option  Even when Sam needed surgery.

“Sam has genetically inherited one of my syndromes, one of the three syndromes that I have. His body cells don’t divide properly. So when they divide they create left overs and those create polyps. And those polyps in some people can remain benign. In our case they’re made up of cancer cells. Sammy has hundreds of polyps in his colon and rectum. And just to stop everything from happening the surgeons at the mayo clinic will remove his entire rectum and colon,” says Mom.

Scary stuff to deal with when you’re in the seventh grade. But Sam’s a goalie on the ice keeping a cool head is his specialty.

“When he was ten and they came in and told him how serious the situation was. He was just quiet and said god has me. Game on. And let’s do this,” says Mom.

The Bulldogs weren’t in the Frozen Four when the surgery was scheduled, but Sam had a good feeling about this squad.

“He was begging his surgeons can I please just wait until after the NCHC Frozen Faceoff, Regionals and the Frozen Four. I just have a feeling my Bulldogs are going to go far this year, and that feeling has brought him to the National Championship,” says Mom.

Sam has always been a big fan of the maroon and white. Now the Bulldogs are fans of Sam Anderson.

Sam will have the surgery in the next couple weeks, for now his focus is on the National Championship.

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