Moose Rescued from Hungry Jack Lake After Falling Through the Ice

GUNFLINT TRAIL – GRAND MARAIS, Minn. – A young female moose was crossing Hungry Jack Lake early Monday morning when she suddenly fell through the ice.

Forrest Parson, owner of Hungry Jack Lodge, reported the incident after he witnessed the moose fall through the ice as he was enjoying his morning cup of coffee. Parson reportedly called the local DNR and volunteer fire department for help.

Ice rescuers included Jim Morrison, Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department Chief, Bob McCloughhan, and Dave Seaton of Hungry Jack Outfitters. Seaton was the first on scene and carefully towed a canoe out to where the moose fell through the ice.

Seaton spoke with 90.7 WTIP radio about the incident where he stated, “We had to try a few different angles.” Using a tow strap, they were able to pull the young cow out of the water and onto more stable ice. “It took a while, a little encouragement, before she caught her breath and was able to walk herself to shore.”

It is believed that the young cow may have been chased by a wolf pack early this morning and out onto the ice.


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