Douglas County Employee Recognized as Telecommunicator of the Year

Emergency Call Centers Seeking More Money

SUPERIOR, Wis. – 9-1-1 operators were celebrated today in Superior.

It’s all part of Douglas County’s Public Safety Telecommunicator’s Week.

Douglas County Communication Center employee Elizabeth Eibon was recognized today as Wisconsin’s Telecommunicator of Year. Since beginning her career, she has been instrumental in training many employees involved in 9-1-1 services in Douglas County.

Irregardless of the recognition today, 9-1-1 operators should get more credit than they do, according to local officials.

“The telecommunicators are out there 24-7, all the time, taking those calls,” said Bob Frank, Wisconsin Chapter president of the National Emergency Number Association.

Douglas County takes 78,000 emergency calls a year.

Officials told us today they are lobbying legislators for more money so they can upgrade their system. It would allow any electronic device to communicate information to emergency personnel.

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