Time Winding Down to File Taxes

Get Your Returns in by Tuesday

DULUTH, Minn.-Your tax filing date is fast approaching.

On Tuesday you are supposed to have all you information turned into the IRS, otherwise you can be fined. One local expert from Community Action Duluth, offered up some advice for those who owe the government some money.

“You don’t necessarily have to pay [the entire] balance due,” said Julia Cheng, of Community Action Duluth. “You can workout a payment plan, but you must file, otherwise you will be penalized for missing that deadline.”

Cheng said the penalty for missing the deadline, is up to 10-times bigger, than it is for paying interest on money you owe the government.

She said irregardless, most people who file late are nervous about the whole process.

“A lot of people have a sense they are going to owe, and they are procrastinating because they don’t want to face the music,” Cheng said.

About 1.3 million Minnesotans have already received their refunds, with the help of places like Community Action, a local non-profit. They have 80 volunteers on staff who have helped fill out more than a thousand returns.

They will continue to offer help to the low income, through June 18th.



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