Volunteers Hope to Revitalize Downtown Chisholm

Projects Are Aimed at Making Chisholm More Vibrant

CHISHOLM, Minn. – One Iron Range town is looking for a image change from a declining to a thriving community.

The Chisholm Downtown Revitalization Project is run by a group of volunteers who want to make their city more vibrant.

These volunteers launched five specific projects ranging from creating an interactive walking tour, improving Kiwanis Park and restoring storefronts.

The purpose make Chisholm more attractive to both visitors and locals.

“A lot of us grew up here and we believe there’s a lot of opportunities and activities here in Chisholm,” said Hannah Forti of the Chisholm Downtown Revitalization Project.

The project also focuses on outdoor activities.  The group wants to make Chisholm more bike-able and build a pocket park in an empty lot, a first of its kind project for the Iron Range.

“That’s what we’re hoping to do here,” said project member Alida Casey.  “It’s new for the Iron Range, so we’re really hoping to do well with it, somewhat be an ambassador for this idea.  All of our Iron Range towns face this problem.”

Volunteers hope to have work done by early August, when Chisholm High School hosts its annual all class reunion.

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