Nikki’s Notebook: Two Robotics Teams Advance to World Championships

Both Teams Need Financial Support From the Community

Two Northland high school teams are preparing for a big competition at the end of the month a trip to World Championships.

The road to get there isn’t so easy it will require a lot of money, and now two competitors are working together to make the trip of a lifetime possible for dozens of students.

The Duluth Daredevils, and the Esko Subzero teams both secured spots in the FIRST world competition in St. Louis featuring teams from more than 39 countries April 26.

“It’s a lot of work, some Saturdays we’d be there for 8 hours,” said Ian Mills of Esko Subzero. “But we pushed through to the end of the season.”

“It’s going to be a world thing not just Minnesota or regionals, the entire world will see us,” said Haley Montgomery with Duluth East Daredevils.

The students say the robotics team is like no other school activity, it gives kids interested in science and engineering an outlet and a leg up for their careers and the real world.

At the competition, juniors are able to connect with colleges for future opportunities, and all students are put on a world stage.

Coaches say the fact that two Northland teams made it this far speaks a lot about the strength of the programs.

“We love the fact they are growing so fast,” said Daredevils Coach Tim Velner. “We can go onto the field, be equally competitive.”

Both teams have their own fundraising goals to afford the trip that will cost thousands. Students will foot some of the bill themselves, but they’re asking the community as a whole to help them pay for part of the costs.

Esko’s fundraiser can be found here. Duluth East’s fundraiser can be found here.