UMD Students Teach Grade Schoolers Science

It's an Outreach Program to Help Kids Get Interested in Science

DULUTH, Minn.- Science can be hard for a lot of young students, especially if they’re just learning from a book. That’s why UMD created an outreach program, so that college students could help teach science to grade school students in fun and creative ways.

The UMD students work with grade school students a couple times a month to teach them different aspects of science, through activities and experiments.  Monday, the UMD Students were at Piedmont Elementary School to teach 5th Graders about Geology.

“I wanted to be a part of this because I think it’s really cool to see these kids get really involved in science and engineering concepts at a different level than just reading about it in a book,” said Tayler Hebner, a student at UMD.

Jodi Grewe, an elementary school teacher we talked with believes getting students involved in science, gets them interested in the subject, and that interest can lead to future STEM careers for them.

“we’re looking at growing the STEM field, so having students get interested in that field as young adults will help them choose classes throughout middle school high school, and then move on to a college track where they will maybe go into that science field,” said Grewe.

More than 200 people from UMD and 300 grade school students have been involved in the program this year.

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