Wildfire Week Sparks Awareness from Minnesota DNR

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is Looking to Bring Awareness of Wildfire Danger April 16-22

DULUTH, Minn. (DNR) – The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is raising wildfire awareness throughout the week of April 16-22.

The DNR is asking Minnesotans to be thoughtful when it comes to using fire, and how they are using it.

Many wildfires occur during the spring due to dry vegetation.

Experts say this material can quickly catch fire between the time snow has melted and plants or grasses start to green up.

DNR officials say fire escaping a debris pile is the number-one cause of wildfires.

Campfire escaping the fire ring on dry, windy days is another common cause of wildfires.

“The DNR is already fighting wildfires thanks to the mild winter and early spring,” said Linda Gormanson, DNR burning permits coordinator. “Dead or dormant vegetation can easily catch fire since we’ve had little precipitation so far this spring.”

The DNR has initiated spring burning restrictions to reduce the number of unintended fires.

Currently, burning permits are required to burn vegetative material unless there is at least three inches of snow on the ground.

The DNR or local governments may also restrict burning if weather conditions warrant.

In 2017, 455 fires have burned 1,238 acres in Minnesota. On average, Minnesota fire departments respond to 1,500 wildfires, burning over 42,000 acres, costing tens of millions of dollars.

Click here to visit the DNR’s statewide fire danger and current burning restriction webpage.

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