Northland Pizza Shop Celebrates 63 Years

Northland Uncovered: Sammy's Pizza

DULUTH, Minn. – Picking up a slice can mean a tasty dinner for many Northlanders, but for one family it means carrying on a tradition.

This year Sammy’s Pizza Inc. is celebrating 63 years.

Sam Perrella is the Vice President for Sammy’s Pizza Inc. and is the third generation working for Sammy’s Pizza.

His grandfather started the business in 1954 after attending pizza school in Chicago.

“I think he had no idea. No idea it would’ve been this successful for all these years,” said Perrella.

Just two years after opening up shop in Hibbing another location was opened in Duluth.

“I started here maybe when I was 12 or 14 years old and I’ve been pretty much here ever since,” explained Perrella.

Now, Perrella says these pizza joints can be found all over the region, “North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin. There’s probably about 20 Sammy’s Pizzas now.”

Success brought several changes over the years, but the pizza recipe has always stayed consistent, “It’s the thin crust, cut in squares, in a brick oven,” said Perrella.

For Perrella, it’s something that will never get old, “Most nights I’m eating pizza at the end of the shift. I’m still eating pizza two to three times a week. It’s unbelievable.”

The rest of the family members are fixtures at Sammy’s, too, “We even celebrate many holidays here.”

Perrella says working at the shop has definitely provided life lessons over the years, “I remember closing the pizza and being able to be up late with “the boys” and getting a ride home. It just kinda helped me grow up real quick.”

Now, this pizza has grown to become part of many more families than just the Perrella’s.

“Cripe, we’re a tradition in Duluth so that’s pretty neat.”

To celebrate 63 years of Sammy’s Pizza the restaurant is offering a deal.

Through Thursday, customers who purchase a 14-inch pizza can buy a 12-inch, one-topping pizza for 63 cents.

On Thursday, 25 percent of the proceeds will be donated to local Disabled American Veterans Chapters.

For more information about Sammy’s Pizza, visit

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