Undergraduate Science Research on Display at UMD

DULUTH, Minn. —

Research is the bedrock of science, and science professors and their students put their hard work on display on campus at University of Minnesota Duluth earlier today.

All five colleges at UMD are represented, as students present research posters for projects they’ve been working on for months.

As part of this type of research, students also write grant proposals to prepare them for the kind of work they’d do at the graduate level as well.

“Every professor here wants to shoot for having undergraduate research in their laboratory,” said Dr. Cody Sheik, Assistant Professor of Biology. “It’s a great way of bringing students into the lab and getting them excited about science and research.”

Dr. Sheik also works for UMD at the Large Lakes Observatory.

He says this expo is a great opportunity for budding science professionals.

“This is all intrinsic to the process of science, right?   To go out and disseminate your research to the general public or to your peers is crucial,” Dr. Sheik said.

One student we spoke to says she has turned her biology research about sour beers into a career path.

“I’m not ruling out grad school, but right now I work at Castle Danger Brewery doing quality control,” said Hannah Kreibich, a senior who will be graduating in just a few weeks.  “So I kind of took a lot of what I learned here and moved into a job at a brewery with it.”

Kreibich says while her research was on the science behind the brewing process, specifically the balance of bacteria to make a sour beer versus the hops brewers use to make them bitter, brewing was not her original career choice.

“I didn’t really expect to go this direction with my undergrad research or my undergrad in general,” she said.  “So I’m really excited that I found something I really like doing.”

A multitude of science research was on display at the Kirby Ballroom on campus at UMD.

There were region-specific research topics on display here too, from the economics of mountain biking in Duluth to water quality on the North Shore of Lake Superior.

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