UMD’s Cultural Entrepreneurship

students showcased their ideas tonight

The future is looking bright!

As UMD’s cultural entrepreneurship students showcased their ideas tonight at the bi–annual cultural fair.

It is enlightening to see the bright young minds come up with real ideas that could adapt in the real world.

One idea that stood out was that of Sebastian Nemec.

Nemec is transgender and steps away from opening an online retail hub for the transgender community.

“I hope to be that mentor and be that voice, that role model saying, you’re trans but you can still do all these things and it’s still important that you live your life and do everything that you want to because you deserve it too.” says Nemec.

4 younger students came up with a way to lighten the load on a parent’s wallet.

Their idea was to open a sports equipment rental store. You rent the equipment for the season for a fraction of the cost and give it back when the season ends.

“We had to pick something that would help the local area. So that’s what we’re trying to base it off of. We know that hockey would probably be the biggest one because everybody loved hockey around here. When we started looking at the prices of buying new equipment every year it’s crazy,” Says Student Kyle Lynn.

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