Grant Money Mean Big Things For One Local Organization

Center For Changing Lives Will Now Be Under One Roof

Duluth, Minn.

Senator Al Franken was in Duluth today talking about the importance of federal funding for local communities.

For an organization like the Center for Changing Lives that serves hundreds of homeless youth across Duluth. What does this grant mean for them?

It means the programs they provide can now have a whole new meaning.

Currently the school district identifies over 500 hundred students in the city of Duluth that are experiencing some sort of unstable household or homelessness.

In comes the Center for Changing Lives, an organization that works with under privileged youth using extensive programs and workshops to help meet their needs to obtain a mental state to survive the real world.

Now, because the grant money allocated to the organizations new building, all programs will be under one roof.

“We serve about 600 kids a year through our various programs and we’ve currently been scattered across the city and were going to pull everyone in to one spot to better serve the youth that need help,” says Director of Center For Changing Lives Jennifer Julsrud.

Senator Al Franken met with Duluth City officials and members of Lutheran Social Services at the center for changing lives building on Superior Street.

Part of the funding for the project comes from federal programs like community development block grants which Franken says are under threat.

“It’s about who we are as a community, who we are as a state, and who we are as a country. And who we are here, are people who know that we all do better when we all do better,” says Franken.

The building was developed as a place to improve the life styles of kids that have experienced some sort trauma and turn them in to productive citizens in the community.

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