Grant Allows LSC Fire To Purchase New Training Tools

Students Get Real Life Fire Experience

DULUTH, Minn. – Today Lake Superior Colleges Fire Tech Program conducted official test burns in a whole new way. Instructors a Lake Superior College Fire Tech Program now have an easier more cost effective way to train our up and coming fire fighters.

Using a grant they were able to purchase recycled shipping containers. Instructors then remodel the inside to give their students a better understanding of what happens during a real fire.

“These are way better just because they simulate an actual house. We have rooms; we have actual furniture in these, windows and roof vent props. So it’s as close as you can get to the real thing,” said Ryan Dahnke a student enrolled in the program.

Once they get in there, putting the fire out is the next step.

“Mentally it depends on their experience but a lot of them have never been in a fire before. We’ve all been around camp fires but the difference is putting it inside of a box and it gets a little bigger. All the heat and fuel that would normally go up I the air on a camp fire is trapped inside there,” stated Camron Vollbrecht, Fire Instructor.

The heat can get overwhelming if you’re not trained properly.

“So you start feeling the heat and it will stratify from the ceiling down. So we teach our fire fighters to stay low to the ground. Once they’re in there they really get to feel that for the first time. Why I want to stay low to the ground it’s a lot cooler. We have a temperature gun in there we can range temperature on the ceiling up to 900 degrees on the floor its 130 to 140 degrees so it’s quite a bit of difference,” explained Vollbrecht.

If the students are going to save lives, it’s important that they take it serious.

“Very intense, once you enter there’s no kidding around. Out here it’s fun hanging out with everybody but once you go in there its game time,” said Dahnke.

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