Thousands March for Science in Duluth

It's a March Taking Place Across the World.

DULUTH, Minn.- Leif Erickson park was full of people Saturday morning, holding signs to celebrate the environment, science, and the planet we live on.

Though the march was a bi-partisan event, many of the participants say they believe some of President Donald Trump’s policies threaten the environment.

“We have such great air, such great water, and it’s so important to keep it that way,” said Sharon Moen, a marcher.

Like President Trump’s proposal to increase military spending by 54 Billion dollars, and slash funding to non-military programs, like the EPA, by the same amount. That’s why they decided to take a stand and join the nationwide march for science.


“We have a beautiful day which puts us in touch with the outdoors, so it gives us a chance to think about what we’re seeing as we walk,” said Marie Fegley a marcher.

Some of the marchers have jobs in scientific fields, so their lives and livelihood, depend on science. And even those who don’t, believe working to preserve the Earth is crucial for the survival of future generations.

“I happen to work for a science organization called the Wisconsin sea grant, and under president trump’s proposed budget, we’re cut out of it, starting like, next month,” said Marie Zhuikov, another marcher.


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