Duluth’s Old Central Clock Getting Fixed

Should Be Back to Working Order by Next Week

DULUTH, Minn.-Residents of downtown Duluth may have noticed something off since last week.

That’s because the chimes in Duluth’s old Central High School haven’t been playing the right tune as of late.

Representatives from Duluth Public Schools today said that a gear broke in the clock,  which was first installed in 1892 when the school was built.

No matter the case, school officials were surprised by how much of an uproar it caused.

“It means a lot to the community because my phone has been ringing non-stop from community members,” said David Spooner, manager of facilities for Duluth Public Schools. “It means a lot more than I ever thought it meant.”

The part used to fix the clock has been custom ordered and has to be made by a machinist, due to its rarity.

The clock, which does get monthly maintenance, will be back to working order at some point next week.

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