Garfield To Attend Superior Council Meeting Amid Charges

Councilor Has Yet To Make Any Public Statement Since April 21 Domestic Charges Filed

DULUTH, Minn. – There are new developments involving embattled Superior City Councilor Graham Garfield.  FOX 21’s Dan Hanger learned Thursday that Garfield will be present a Tuesday’s city council meeting.

This, as Garfield faces charges of domestic assault, and after Mayor Jim Paine called for his resignation from the council on Monday.

The confirmation of Garfield’s plans to return to council since the charges came from Council President Dan Olson.

Olson referred all further comments to Garfield’s attorney.

Meanwhile, as of Thursday, five days since Mayor Paine publicly called on Garfield to resign, FOX 21 has yet to get any statement from Garfield after repeated text messages to his cell phone.

City Attorney Frog Prell said Thursday that Garfield had not returned his call and had never contacted the city attorney’s office since the charges nearly one week ago on Friday, April 21.

If Garfield refuses to step down at the mayor’s request, the Prell says the council can remove Garfield from his seat with a ¾ majority vote.

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