Natural Surface Duluth Trails Closed; Superior Trails Open But Some Are Under Construction

The Construction Will Be Completed This Summer

SUPERIOR, Wis.- After all the rain and snow the Northland has gotten in the last couple of days, Natural surface trails in Duluth are closed.

Most of the trails across the bridge in Superior are still open, but some of the trails, like the Osaugie trail along the superior bay, is under construction. Linda Cadotte, the Parks and recreation director for the city of Superior says the area under constructed was one of the treacherous parts of the trail, with a steep incline.

“Making the trail safe of course is a number one priority too, so we don’t like to see something that may cause injury to someone out there to someone out there trying to get out and enjoy the beauty of the area,” said  Cadotte.

Construction of the trail will be done this Summer.


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