St. Louis County Deputy Sheriffs Sworn in During Ceremony in Duluth

7 Deputies Were Sworn In During the Ceremony

DULUTH, Minn.- Deputy Sheriffs and Correction officers in St. Louis County were officially sworn in Friday, during a ceremony Held at the Public Safety Building in Duluth.

The ceremony was held to recognize new hires who had joined the Sheriff’s office since January of 2016, recent promotions, and those who had demonstrated outstanding service.

“I think it’s just important for them to know that they’re recognized and that the sheriff and the supervisors and the public appreciates the job that they do,” said Jon Skelton, the Supervising Deputy at the Virginia Office.

Liya Vinnik a corrections officer sworn in during the ceremony, believes working in law enforcement, is her life calling.

“Been loving it, hopefully one day get on the team with the St. Louis County deputies. So we’ll see how that goes,” said Vinnik.

The 7 deputies started working for the county last fall, and recently finished their initial field training.

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