Storm Cleanup Continues In Biwabik

A Severe Thunderstorm Tore Through The Cemetery Last August

Biwabik, Minn. – People in Biwabik came together again today as residents continue to clean up after a thunderstorm last summer destroyed the town’s cemetery.

Even trees that were over 100 years old didn’t stand a chance when a thunderstorm rolled through Biwabik, MN last August packing winds of over 100 mph. Residents say it’s going to take 1 –2 more years before the cemetery is back to normal.

Looking back on that night in August of 2016. Residents can still remember what it was like during the thunderstorm that shook the small town of Biwabik.

“The wind, the lightning and the rain it was just unbelievable. You could hear the sirens going off, the fire department responding to different locations around town. Down power lines, transformers had exploded. Says Biwabik Resident Blake Bertram.

As frightening as the night was nothing would prepare them for what they would see the next morning.

“You could only go so far up the road because there were trees everywhere. I t looked like a bomb went off it was unbelievable. These beautiful trees 200 plus years old just lying down like tooth picks. says Bertram.

“How people would feel in a war torn country only it was our cemetery not our city. Just felt like we were assaulted,” Says President of the Cemetery Association Jerry Newton.

Months after, getting back to normal is years away.

“It’s going to take years before we make it look good again. It’s come a long way thanks to Lauren Adams and the city crew and a lot of volunteers. But we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us yet,” says Newton.

Out of respect for their loved ones lying in the ground at the Lakeside Cemetery, the community came together to collect broken tree branches and rake fallen brush in efforts to regain the pictures cemetery they once knew and loved.

“What it did to all the citizens and area citizens that have people here, they took this very hard. This cemetery means a lot to everybody,” says Newton.

Today was the first day of many to come. But eventually the lake side cemetery will thrive once again.

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