Duluth Organizations Hold City Council Screening

4 Organizations Joined Together for the Cause

DULUTH, Minn.- Four Duluth organizations banded together for the Common Ground City Council Candidate Screening, Sunday.

Feminist Action Collective, Duluth for Clean Water, Twin Ports Democratic Socialists of America, and Our Revolution Duluth, hosted screenings for the upcoming Duluth city council elections. The groups brought in people running for city council to the Zeitgeist, and asked the candidates questions about their policies.

“We feel that our values as feminists are being attacked with the new administration,” said Ashley Northey, a FACilitator for Feminist Action Collective. “So we wanted to make sure at least locally, that we were doing everything we can to protect our reproductive rights, making sure women have access and equality at a local level.”

The Candidates running for city council are Joel Sipress, Tom Furman, Renee Van Nett, Rich Updergrove, Barb Russ, Zack Filipovich and Janet Kennedy.

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