Tailyn Bennett On Target

Superior's Straight Shooter Takes Aim at National Competition

SUPERIOR, Wis- Competitive archery is a sport the requires patience and precision, with an outcome determined by just a few inches. However, it’s exactly this unique and meticulous approach that drives Tailyn Bennett.

Superior High School Senior Tailyn Bennett remembers, “When I was little I had a little bow, and I thought it was really interesting, I used to shoot in the basement of my house and then I got to middle school and found out there was a program for archery and I just stuck with it ever since.”

Spartan Head Archery Coach Pete Conley says, “She’s extremely dedicated, takes a lot of the new kids and tries to teach them as well, we don’t designate captains or things like that but she would be the one that I would say has earned that role.”

Starting at a very young age Tailyn developed an eager passion entering her 1st competitive competition in just 6th grade.

Bennett remembers, “It was, kind of nerve racking. But I got used to it eventually and now its just super fun to be on the line and with other people.”

Now a Senior at Superior High School, Tailyn has kept her arrows right on target finishing 5th overall in this years Wisconsin National Archery Bulls–Eye State Tournament and placing 1st amoung High School Seniors with a score of 286 out of a possible 300.

Bennett says, “I thought wow, if I got one more 10 I could’ve finished 2nd or 3rd, it’s the little details that change which place you’re in. Every arrow counts.”

Coach Conley adds, “When we finally got home we realized everything had closed and Tailyn was 5th in the state so it was a very proud moment for me and the other coach.”

This coming May Tailyn will take aim at an even bigger challenge as she heads to the individual national competition in Louisville Kentucky. Nothing less than a dream come true for the spot on Senior.

Bennet says, “Everybody that sees me is like, oh my gosh, you’re going to do awesome when you go down to kentucky, let me know how you do, and i’m like, oh gosh, everybody knows that that’s how I’m going there, I need to do good now, I can’t let these people down. It just makes it even more crazy to think that i’m going there to represent a whole city, not just myself.”

Ever in persuit of perfection, Tailyn has set her own goals for nationals.

Bennet explains, “I picked 292 or 295 because my coach said 292 and I want to do a little bit better that what he said, and I hit a 286 at state so I want to do better than what I did at state.”

Although national spotlight maye seem like a lot or pressure, Tailyn is taking it all in stride and keeping her cool one bulls-eye at a time.

Bennett adds, “It’s very peaceful to me, being able to shoot and hit the bullseye and being able to be good at what I like to do. Its just like my little escape.”

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