Rally Reminds Drivers to Watch for Motorcycles

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Although the wintry weather has some folks thinking otherwise, Spring is upon us and with that brings more motorcycles on the roads.

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month and is supported by ABATE of Wisconsin.

Throughout the state, awareness day eventsĀ are held to inform drivers the motorcyclists are back on the road.

A rally is being held in Superior on Sunday, May 7.

Annually this event hosts more than 100 motorcyclists and their family and friends.

The group stands on the sidewalk with posters reminding drivers motorcyclists are back out on the road.

There will also be demonstrations to make all drivers aware of blind spots.

The event is being held at The Old Target Parking Lot at 3535 Tower Ave, Superior, WI.

The Awareness Day event is free to the public.

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