Battle Flag from Spanish-American War in Superior

Northland Uncovered: Company I Flag Lives On

SUPERIOR, Wis. – An American flag is displayed proudly in Superior as military history lives within its fibers.

This flag is owned by Dr. Jim Hoeffling of Twin Ports Chiropractic.

His dad found this flag while tearing down a house and brought it home when Hoeffling was a child.

After a little research, Hoeffling was able to get to the bottom of its origin.

On the flag, a departure date of April 28, 1898, and return date of October of the same year, along with Company I designation gave it away.

“Company I was a National Guard company in the state of Wisconsin, so there were members from Superior that actually went down to, they were supposed to go to Cuba to participate in the Spanish–American War,” explained Hoeffling.

The Company never quite made it to Cuba due to the flu, but that doesn’t take away from the history on the wall.

The flag displays 46 stars, for the 46 states at the time.

“There’s not, not many of these around. It’s a battle flag is what it is so anybody that went into combat, each unit would have their own flag,” said Hoeffling.

Hoeffling has it framed in his office and welcomes anyone in to see the flag in person.

Twin Ports Chiropractic is located at 1728 Tower Ave. in Superior.

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