Carry the Fallen March in Wisconsin

Hundreds March to Stop Veterans Suicide

HAYWARD, Wis. – Northland Veterans and citizens marched as part of a nationwide event on Saturday. Nearly 100 people put one foot in front of the other to “Carry the Fallen”. They marched over 8 miles from downtown Hayward to the LCO Reservation. Officers blocked the roads as they walked to raise awareness and funds to help end Veterans suicide.

“It’s powerful to get the community to see that we are banded together as brothers and sisters to bring awareness” said sePat Brown

22 Veterans take their lives everyday. So each participant marching wore bags on their backs to represent the burden these Vets carry after serving in war.

“Whether it’s from suicide or overseas, it’s a weight that every Vet carries with them… the bags are a visual representation of that” explained Brown.

There are over 500 marches across the nation that are organized to stop the battle. This march was the only one taking place in the state of Wisconsin.

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