Great Outdoors: Mosquito Season is Coming

Get Rid of Standing Water, and Get the Bug Spray Ready

DULUTH, Minn.- The recent cold weather is delaying the hatching of mosquito eggs, but that doesn’t mean they’re not coming. And it doesn’t even mean there will be fewer mosquitoes.

“Every time there is a freeze or a frost, it’s going to knock down most of the mosquitoes that are out there,” said Mark Fenlason, Owner of Mosquito Squad.

In fact, the recent moisture the Northland has seen could even help the mosquitoes, creating pools of stagnant water; a Perfect place for mosquitoes to hatch and come into the world.

“Predicting a bad year of mosquitoes is a lot like predicting the weather. If you can predict the weather you can predict the mosquito season,” said Fenalson.

Experts say making sure you don’t have pools of water near your home is a good start to reducing mosquitoes.

“If we can tip over buckets, toss tires and leaves and things like that, turn over pool and things like that so there is no stagnant waters, tarps when they’re covering wood piles or boats, things like that, standing water there is the biggest cause, I would say,” said Fenalson.

It’s also important to use insect repellent to keep both mosquitoes and ticks from biting, helping make your summers a little more enjoyable, and safer.

“DEET based repellents we have several concentration of DEET, we have ranging from 30 to 100, we also have a natural repel based off of picaridin,” said Scott Miller, who works for the Northwest Outlet.



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