Petition For Councilor Garfield’s Resignation; Picket Planned

Feminist Justice League Is Behind The Mission For Removal

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Advocates against domestic violence say they are not standing down on their mission to get Superior city councilor Graham Garfield to resign amid domestic abuse charges.

The Feminist Justice League has launched a petition for Garfield’s removal, which will be delivered to the city council at a later date.

The League plans to also picket outside City Hall on May 16 beginning at 6 p.m. before the council meeting begins. (Click here for that event information).

Heather Bradford, an organizer for the Feminist Justice League, told FOX 21’s Dan Hanger Wednesday that the activists will “relentlessly pursue the resignation of Garfield” because they believe Garfield is blaming alcohol use for his behavior while avoiding the topic of domestic abuse.

“Not acknowledging that facet, I think, both [supports] a myth about domestic violence, but also shows he is not taking personal responsibility for his actions — that he’s just blaming it on being impaired,” Bradford said.

Councilor Garfield is accused of pointing a loaded gun at his fiance and biting her head during a dispute and after a day of drinking.

Garfield released the following statement by e-mail to the media on Tuesday, before the city council meeting:

In response to ongoing legal matters and the mayor’s request that I resign my position, I have decided it will be best for my district and the council that I continue to serve in my existing capacity. Just as the election process is sacred, so too is the American justice system; a system that maintains that I am entitled to a fair legal process before judgment is passed against me. It was unfortunate that the mayor sought to inappropriately pass that judgment. Regardless, I continue to support his agenda and believe in the principles on which I was elected. I would also like it noted that I am now living a sober life and have begun to attend AA meetings. I appreciate the public’s support and understanding as I continue on the path of recovery. I will have no further comment for the press at meeting time.

For Tuesday’s coverage on Garfield’s first appearance since the incident nearly two weeks ago, click here.

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