Wisconsin Governor’s Fishing Home Opener

Anglers headed out to their favorite fishing spot on Saturday morning

It’s that time of year again when anglers are arriving in schools, launching their boats at Lake Namakagon.

Motors tilt into the water for the first time of 2017 as anglers headed out to their favorite fishing spot on Saturday morning.
“It’s always fun to get out fishing it doesn’t matter if it’s cold or warm or whatever any day to fish is a good day!” explained Joe Weiss a guide at the fishing opener.

52 years ago the first Governor’s Fishing Opener took place and it’s been a tradition for the State ever since.

Governor Scott Walker said, “It actually started two years before I was born! It’s fun to be here! Governor Knolls started it out back then. It’s good to be back here in Cable. In fact a couple years ago we had to come a couple weeks after the opener because there was still ice out on this body of water!”

“Out on Lake Namakagon today, the bait of choice was chartreuse and orange jig, tipped with a minnow.” said Meteorologist Brittney Merlot.

The fish were biting and Gov. Walker filled his livewell.

Walker said, “I got the first two Walleye, so that’s always good. The rest of the boat did well, I think we had about ten fish on the boat! So for only a couple hours this morning, we did pretty well. The sun finally came out, so that’s good. It was cool and chilly out there to begin with but it was a good start to the season. People come not only from Wisconsin but across the Midwest, that’s because we’ve got the Great Lakes!”

Families hitting the water in the Northland continue to help the economy. The State is up 35% and 25 billion dollars.

“It’s a huge economic driver for tourism and fishing is a big part of that. Whether it be anglers coming out specifically just to fish and that’s why they come to Wisconsin.” explained Gov. Walker.

Everyone at the event gathered to tell fish stories, while enjoying a shore lunch in the sun before heading back out to catch their dinner.

After a big day on the water and a trophy fish in the net, the anglers came back and weighed in their catch. Let the fish fry begin!

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