Wish Babies Bringing Happiness to Homes

Carol Pederson Has Dealt With the Loss of Her Daughter, a Cancer Diagnosis, and Life's Unforgettable Lessons

DULUTH, Minn. – One Duluth woman, living through a roller coaster of unfortunate events, is now looking to brighten her mood by bringing smiles to others’ faces.

Wish Babies were born, after one life was lost.

New Jersey Native turned Florida girl, Carol Pederson has dealt with a strong dose of reality over her lifetime.

“My husband, Greg, was diagnosed with cancer nearly two years ago,” said Carol Pederson.

But Carol wasn’t going to let cancer, cancel her plans of marrying her soulmate. She proposed to Greg, shortly after he was diagnosed.

“She enjoys being creative with her dolls,” said Greg, Carol’s husband.

Life’s unforgivable events, threading the needle, giving birth to Carol’s Wish Babies.

“To keep my sanity after Greg’s diagnosis, I found a doll pattern I had bought online. Wish babies started about a year–and–a–half ago,” said Carol.

Starting with one doll, snapping a picture and posting it for friends to see on social media.

“It was a hit! People wanted one and it kind of blossomed from there,” said Carol.

“They kept her mind off of the bad things that were going on.,” said Greg.

Tucked away in her quaint sewing room, fabric, buttons and bobbins have helped make nearly 100 babies in just one year.

“Everybody seems to like them,” said Carol.

“I’m proud of her,” said Greg.

Pride, coming from his heart. Greg knows well the heartache his wife has been through.

“My wish at the time was that they would just make you smile,” said Carol.

October 13th, 1991.

“My first husband and I were part of a support group because my daughter had passed away when she was small,” said Carol.

Never forgetting her baby girl, Nicole.

“She was my only child at the time,” said Carol.

Nicole, losing a battle at life, passing after cardiac complications.

“It’s very hard to find a reason to keep going after something like that,” said Carol.

But, she did just that; finding support in a time of emotional turbulence.

“Back then, I started making angel dolls for the people that were in the support group for their children that they had lost,” said Carol. “Maybe helping them just a little bit, helped me.”

Helping others to ease the heartache she was going through.

Since the death of her daughter, Carol has managed to overcome a miscarriage as well, but then, a new wish came through.

“I had twin boys since then, and there was no time for sewing!”

For 20 years, Carol called it quits on quilting and sewing. Today, she’s back at it after dealing with another dose of reality.

“It’s developed into making them look like people or peoples interests. If it brings a smile, that’s all I need,” said Carol.

“The amazing thing that she does is she takes people’s personalities and puts them into the doll,” said Heidi Johnson, a Co-worker of Carol’s.

“Somebody will tell me they like to cook, so I find fabric that has cooking on it,” said Carol.

Johnson has the pleasure of working with the creator of Wish Babies.

“When she and I became better friends once she moved here in Duluth, she kind of told me a little bit more about them,” said Johnson.

Carol now works as a housekeeper. Heidi, is the office manager at the Spirit Mountain Villas.

“This is my Coca–Cola doll and I cherish her, I just think she’s beautiful,” Johnson said, showing her Wish Baby off. “Those eyes are crazy, they’re beautiful!”

Beautiful colored pencil eyes, coming from a warm heart.

“The hearts on the back of the dolls are to represent her daughter Nicole,” said Johnson.

“The heart for Nicole, and another heart on the back for my boys who basically saved my life,” said Carol.

Now thankful for a life to live, after dealing with death and diagnosis.

“When I had my boys, that kept me busy!”

“She just puts her heart and soul into them,” said Johnson.

This Jersey girl, is now enjoying a life of love, laughs and new adventures; making memories but never forgetting why her Wish Babies were born.

“The best part is when you get the baby done and you start playing with hair, and accessories and bows,” said Carol.

Her husband patiently relaxes in his recliner now, stuffing doll parts for his wife. Greg, is now in remission. .

“It’s kind of a fun thing to do with her,” said Greg.

“It seems to bring out the kid in everybody and they smile,” said Carol.

Carol now frequents craft shows throughout the Northland. Many dolls she makes, are given away to friends and family, a true symbol of a forever smile.

If you would like to contact Carol and have a Wish Baby of your own, click here.

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