Anglers Prepare Boats for Fishing Opener

Experts Give Tips on How to Stay Safe

DULUTH, Minn.- The Minnesota fishing opener is Saturday, and stores across the Northland are busy with people getting last minute supplies.

Fishing Store owners we talked with said a lot of the anglers already have their fishing licenses thanks to the warm weather, and what customers are buying now, are items like new fishing rods.

” Get new fishing line on your reel, fishing line is cheap compared to losing a big fish or your lures so, do that. And the one thing people forget about is sharpening their hooks. Sharpen your hooks up because it’s a shame to catch a big fish and then have them come off because you didn’t have sharp hooks,” said Russ Francisco, the Owner of Marine General.

The fishing opener means people are preparing their boats. Experts say it’s important to stay safe on the water and advise people to have a flotation device like a life jacket for each person on the boat, as well as for any keys, in the case of an emergency. It’s also important to remember that though the temperatures aren’t that hot, you can still get sunburned and dehydrated, so make sure to use sunscreen and bring water.

“We have had overtime a number of deaths, most which can be prevented. It just takes a little extra measure of caution that might seem like an inconvenience, but when it comes to you and life and tragedy, they’re not,” said Rob Cavanaugh of the Spirit Lake Marina.

Experts also say make sure the plug of the boat is in, and make sure you have enough fuel on board.

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