Nikki’s Notebook: Lessons On the Superior Hiking Trail

Man Plans to Walk Entire Trail To Pick Up Trash

As it continues to warm up, more hikers are hitting the trails, and thanks to a program through Granite Gear one Duluth man is on a mission to hike all 300 miles of the Lake Superior Hiking trail.

He’s doing the hike to teach an important lesson, the value of respecting our planet.

Lloyd Fisher is one of 15 people selected to be “groundskeepers,” a program that arms hikers with tools to clean up the trails.

“Small actions consistently lead to big results, said Fisher.

Fisher hopes the project teaches people a lesson that they in turn can teach to their kids.

“Take your kids out, make it a game and see how much trash you can collect,” said Fisher. “We’ve only got one planet, might as well treat her with some respect.”

Lloyd started his journey May 13, he believes it will take him approximately 30 days to hike the entire trail. You can follow his journey on Instagram at @lloydjosephfisher and can follow the program @thegroundskeepers.

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