Wrenshall Man Facing 7 Felony Charges in Kidnapping Incident

WRENSHALL, Minn. – The Carlton County Sheriff’s office responded to a call on May 15, of a juvenile male being held hostage and “in really bad shape, tied to a chair, and getting his head stomped on” in the 800 block of County Road 18 in Silverbrook Township.

Scott Lindgren, Carlton Co. Jail

Deputies responded to the address and located a vehicle driven by 21-year-old Scott Lindgren, who was attempting to leave the driveway of the residence with his girlfriend in the car, as well as a 17-year-old male victim from Duluth. Deputies reported serious injuries to the victim’s head, as well as other injuries to the face and neck, which required medical attention.

Lindgren was arrested and booked into Carlton County Jail.

Lindgren has been formally charged with Kidnapping, First Degree Assault, Second Degree Assault, Third Degree Assault, Threats of Violence, Intent to Terrorize, and False Imprisonment – all felony level charges.

Authorities continue to investigate this incident and believe other people may have been involved or witnessed this assault. Anyone with information are asked to contact the Carlton County Sheriff’s Office, or call 911.


On May 15, 2017, at approximately 4:30 p.m, Deputies from the Carlton County Sheriff’s Department received information that a juvenile male was being held by the Defendant and other individuals at the Defendant’s house. Deputies learned that the juvenile victim had been held against his will for some period of time, had been tied to a chair, and assaulted badly. The Defendant was identified as Scott Kendrick Lindgren, DOB: 04/24/1996, Defendant Lindgren herein.

Deptuties went to Defendant Lindgren’s address at a location off County Road 18 in the county of Carlton, state of Minnesota. As Deputies arrived, Defendant Lindgren and his girlfriend were in a motor vehicle attempting to leave the scene. Deputies found the victim in the backseat of the car Defendant Lindgren was driving. Deputies found the victim to be in horrible shape, injured, and needing medical attention.

Through speaking with witnesses, the victim, and using other investigative techniques, the Deputies learned that Defendant Lindgren had summoned the 17 year old victim to his house Sunday evening at around midnight. While there, Defendant Lindgren and other accomplices had tied the juvenile victim to a chair and assaulted him. They assaulted the juvenile victim with a .45 caliber pistol and pointed it at the juvenile victim multiple times. Defendant Lindgren and his accomplices racked the .45 caliber so a bullet ejected from the pistol, and then dry fired the pistol in the presence of the victim. Witnesses even saw a Snapchat that Defendant Lindgren sent out showing the juvenile victim tied to a chair with a black bag over his head with visible blood.

Investigators from the Sheriff’s Department were able to speak to the juvenile victim later at the hospital. The juvenile victim described how he had been tied up to a chair at Defendant Lindgren’s house for a long period of time. He relayed how Defendant Lindgren and two accomplices had continually assaulted him throughout the entire evening. The victim relayed how he had been pistol whipped by the .45 caliber hand gun to the top of the head. Deputies could see a serious injury to the top of the victim’s head, consistent with being struck by a pistol.

The juvenile victim also relayed how Defendant Lindgren had take a sharp object and carved the word “Snitch” into his chest, while he was tied to the chair and being held there.

The victim received many serious injuries form being held and assaulted by Defendant Lindgren and his accomplices. He received injuries to his head and brain, which required immediate medial attention. he also had many visible injuries to his face and body, including a large burn to the back of his neck. He also had the word “snitch” carved into his chest, consistent with what he told Deputies.


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