SLRA Volunteers Team Up To Clean Portion In Superior

St. Louis River Cleanup

Duluth, Minn. – Volunteers from the St. Louis River alliance spent the day cleaning up the river. Decade’s worth of trash that had been dumped alongside the St. Louis River continues to be a problem for the St. Louis River alliance.

“We find TV’s and other electronics down in there and those certainly are hazardous,” says Bill Majewski, Chair of SLRA.

Just tossing your waste in the middle of now where makes for more work from others.

“We try to set an example for people. That this is not good thing to do and how much work it is to clean up after you,” Majewski said.

The waste picked up today was projected to be over 40 years old. The good part is it’s rare to find dumps like this these days.

“Were looking for that year when we can’t find a place to do it… we’re having a harder and harder time finding major kinds of places now,” Majewski said.

A big reason for the slowdown, places like the western Lake Superior Sanitary District who allows once a day drop offs.

“MRC that’s operated by the western Lake Superior sanitary district will take 4 per day free. So you don’t have to throw them out in a ravine or in the ditch,” Majewski said.

The ultimate goal, for all to enjoy the beauty the St. Louis River corridor provides to our everyday lives.

“Once you get an area cleaned up you know people can be a little more proud of it rather than it looking like a garbage dump,” Majewski said.

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