Celebration for National Maritime Day Held in Duluth

It's a Day to Celebrate One of the Most Important Industries in Our Area

DULUTH, Minn.- Community members honored National Maritime Day in Duluth, Monday. Maritime Day honors one of the most important industries in our area, and the people who work in it.

Matt Doss, Policy director for the Great Lakes Commission says the great lakes are a great economic asset to communities around them. Maritime commerce on the great lakes generates more than 225,000 jobs and more than 30 billion dollars for business revenue in the region. But none of that would be possible without the contributions and sacrifices made by the people working in the industry.

“This really is a day to honor the people that work in the industry, the merchant mariners, the people that are in the commercial navigation industry, the private sector. All the people that make this industry work, people that have given their lives over the year on the great storms that come up in the great lakes, so it’s an opportunity to honor them, kind of like a memorial day for mariners,” said Doss.

The celebration included presentations a lunch, and keynote address by Doss.

Maritime day is held on May 22nd to commemorate the sailing of the first steam vessel across the Atlantic Ocean in 1819.

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